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Home Heating Come in from the cold with a heating solution that’s custom-fit
just for you. At Medina Heating and Air Conditioning, we make choosing a residential or commercial heating system easy. We visit your home or facility, size up your needs, and explain your options in terms that make sense: price and performance.
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Residential Gas Furnaces

Turn to the experts at Medina Heating and Air Conditioning for helpful guidance when choosing your next gas furnace. Natural gas is the most common fuel source for home furnace systems, and as technology has advanced, so have the efficiency ratings of gas furnaces. We’ll evaluate your specific needs and guide you through the many options available, helping you find just the right fit for your long-term comfort.

But choosing a gas furnace is only the beginning. Your gas furnace requires expert installation to reach its full operating potential. With over 20 years of installation experience, you’ll get the most from your investment when you choose the certified installers at Medina Heating and Air Conditioning.

Heating Savings Chart Click Here to Compare Yearly Natural Gas Savings
on a High Efficiency Gas Furnace

Learn More About These Popular Gas Furnace Models:

Trane XC95m Furnace
97.3% Efficiency Rating
Multi-Stage Gas Furnace
Trane XV95 Furnace
96.7% Efficiency Rating
Two-Stage Gas Furnace
Trane XR95 Furnace
95% Efficiency Rating
Single-Stage Gas Furnace
Home Gas Furnace
Residential Heat Pumps

For homeowners looking for an all-electric, high efficiency, year-round system, a heat pump from Medina Heating and Air Conditioning is an ideal solution. Heat pumps heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer. In the winter, a heat pump pulls heat energy from outside air and transfers it into your home; in the summer, it reverses itself, pulling heat energy from inside your home and transferring it outside.

Heat pump systems are typically comprised of two parts: an outdoor unit similar to a central air conditioner and an indoor unit called an air handler. A properly sized air handler effectively circulates both warm and cool air, making less work for your outside unit.

For moderate temperatures, an all-electric heat pump is an excellent solution. The addition of an electric heater to your air handler provides the extra heat needed to keep you warm when temperatures drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Your Medina Heating and Air Conditioning technician will explain your options to find the most efficient system for your home.

Learn More About Heat Pumps & Air Handlers:

Trane Heat Pump
Year-round performance for total home comfort
Trane Air Handlers
Improved circulation for total relaxation
Home Heat Pump
Residential Dual Fuel Hybrid Systems

Dual fuel (or hybrid) systems from Medina Heating and Air Conditioning combine the efficiency of a heat pump with the heating capacity of a gas furnace. Utilizing two energy sources — electricity and fossil fuel — a dual fuel system switches back and forth to whichever source is more efficient under current weather conditions to provide long lasting comfort in your home.

With a dual fuel system, you benefit from an electric heat pump’s high efficiency comfort throughout much of the year, even into the cooler months of Fall. When temperatures dip below the heat pump’s operating efficiency, the system will switch to the gas furnace to keep you warm through the coldest months of the year. Once temperatures begin to rise, the heat pump takes over, using the blower on your furnace to move air throughout your home for optimum comfort.

Learn More About Dual Fuel Hybrid Systems:

Trane EarthWise™ Hybrid Systems
An intelligent investment in comfort

Home Dual Fuel Hybrid Systems
Commercial Heating Solutions
Commercial Rooftop Systems

At Medina Heating and Air Conditioning we are proud of our many?years of service to commercial customers throughout northeast Ohio and surrounding counties. From office to retail, industrial to institutional, we provide reliable, cost-effective heating solutions in a wide range of commercial environments.

Our most popular commercial solution is an all-in-one heating/cooling rooftop system tailored to our customers’ specific needs. These factory-assembled systems are available in gas heat/cooling configurations, electric heat/cooling configurations and heat pump models in a range of sizes.

The service life of your rooftop system depends on proper selection, expert installation and routine maintenance. First, the trained sales staff at Medina Heating and Air Conditioning will guide you through the selection process, fitting a rooftop system to your exact needs. Next, our certified technicians will provide professional installation with a minimum of disruption. Finally, a scheduled maintenance plan takes the guesswork out of filter changes, cleanings and inspections, extending the service life of your rooftop system for years to come.

Most Popular Commercial Rooftop Systems:

Packaged Precedent™ Rooftop Systems
3 to 10 Tons
Packaged Voyager™ Rooftop Systems
12-1/2 to 25 Tons
HVAC Contractors
Long-Lasting Value
As a Certified Trane Dealer, we install heating systems that go the distance. And the good news is, a high quality, high efficiency system actually SAVES YOU MONEY over the life of the unit.

Understanding Efficiency

Efficiency ratings measure the percentage of fuel that is actually converted into
heat for your home. The AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) is the most widely used rating. Beginning January 1, 1992, the US Department of Energy determined that all furnaces sold in the US must have a minimum AFUE of 78%. Manufacturers met the challenge with higher quality materials and improved heat exchange design, and today gas furnaces are nearing 100% efficiency. Choose the highest efficiency system you can afford, and stop spending money on fuel that goes right out the flue!

Single Stage vs. Two Stage Variable Speed

Single stage furnaces operate at one heat output level (BTU), cycling either on or off, while two stage furnaces offer low heat and high heat output levels. This means that in milder temperatures, a two stage furnace’s low heat output level uses less fuel to keep you comfortable, saving you money.

The Savings Add Up!

With savings like these, you can see that investing in a high-efficiency heating system pays off quickly, and a well-maintained unit will continue to save you money for years to come.

Home Heating Savings Chart
Medina Heating and Air Conditioning guarantees our work with a 1 year installation warranty. In addition, the products we install are covered by some of the best Manufacturer’s Limited Warranties in the industry. For owners looking for a little extra security, Optional Extended Warranties are available to give you years of worry-free protection long after your system has been installed.  

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