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Air Cooling Keep your cool all summer long with a high-efficiency cooling system from Medina Heating and Air Conditioning. Whether you need a cooling system for a new home or commercial facility, want to add cooling to an existing system, or need to replace an aging unit, our professional staff will guide you through the selection process. And you’ll get the most from your cooling system with expert installation by our certified staff.
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There’s more to choosing a cooling system for your home than meets the eye. Our experts will help you choose a unit that fits your needs — not too big and not too small. Purchase a cooling system that’s too small, and it will work too hard to keep you comfortable. Purchase one that’s too big, and it will lower the temperature too quickly, before it can dehumidify the air.

Using industry standard heat loss/gain charts, the experts at Medina Heating and Air Conditioning will recommend a unit that suits your specific cooling needs. Since every home is unique, we'll carefully evaluate your living space and recommend a cooling system that's just right for you. Factors involved in selecting the right cooling system for your home include:

  • The size of your home (square footage)
  • The quality and amount of insulation in the structure
  • The amount and location of exterior glass found on your home
  • The height of your ceilings
  • The overall heat gain of your home

Additional Considerations

Depending on its location, noise from your outdoor condensing unit may disrupt your peace and quiet. The professionals at Medina Heating and Air Conditioning will review noise ratings and your placement options to minimize interference.

Today’s advanced air conditioners offer an impressive array of options such as variable speeds, remote control operation and more. Your Medina Heating and Air Conditioning representative will explain all of your cooling system options and help you find the perfect system for your home.

Air Conditioning Savings Chart Click Here to Compare Yearly Natural Gas Savings
on a High Efficiency Gas Furnace

Learn More About These Popular Air Conditioning Models:

Trane XLi Series Air Conditioners
SEER Efficiency Rating up to 20
Trane XR Series Air Conditioners
SEER Efficiency Rating up to 18
Home Air Conditioning Systems
Commercial Cooling Solutions
Commercial Rooftop Systems

At Medina Heating and Air Conditioning we are proud of our many?years of service to commercial customers throughout northeast Ohio and surrounding counties. From office to retail, industrial to institutional, we provide reliable, cost-effective cooling solutions in a wide range of commercial environments.

Our most popular commercial solution is an all-in-one heating/cooling rooftop system tailored to our customers’ specific needs. These factory-assembled systems are available in gas heat/cooling configurations, electric heat/cooling configurations and heat pump models in a range of sizes.

The service life of your rooftop system depends on proper selection, expert installation and routine maintenance. First, the trained sales staff at Medina Heating and Air Conditioning will guide you through the selection process, fitting a rooftop system to your exact needs. Next, our certified technicians will provide professional installation with a minimum of disruption. Finally, a scheduled maintenance plan takes the guesswork out of filter changes, cleanings and inspections, extending the service life of your rooftop system for years to come.

Most Popular Commercial Rooftop Systems:

Packaged Precedent™ Rooftop Systems
3 to 10 Tons
Packaged Voyager™ Rooftop Systems
12-1/2 to 25 Tons
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Long-Lasting Value
All of the cooling systems offered by Medina Heating and Air Conditioning are expertly installed and built to last, providing years of worry-free comfort. In addition to superior performance, our high efficiency systems actually SAVE YOU MONEY over the life of the unit.

Understanding Efficiency

Cooling efficiency for air conditioners is indicated by a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating). The higher the rating, the more efficient the unit, which saves you money. Most older systems average a SEER of 6 or less. Beginning January 1992, the US Department of Energy determined that all air conditioners sold in the US must have a minimum SEER of 10. This minimum was increased as of January 2006 to 13. Manufacturers met the challenge with higher quality materials and improved condenser design, and today’s ultra high efficiency units have achieved a SEER of up to 20. Air conditioners last an average of 15–20 years, so choose the highest efficiency system you can afford for long term savings.

The Savings Add Up!

With savings like these, you can see that investing in a high-efficiency cooling system pays off quickly, and a well-maintained unit will continue to save you money for years to come.

Home Air Conditioning Savings Chart
Medina Heating and Air Conditioning guarantees our work with a 1 year installation warranty. In addition, the products we install are covered by some of the best Manufacturer’s Limited Warranties in the industry. For owners looking for a little extra security, Optional Extended Warranties are available to give you years of worry-free protection long after your system has been installed.  

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